Ensuring Reliability
in Laboratory Results
Proper compliance. Compassionate care
Ensuring Reliability
in Laboratory Results
Proper compliance. Compassionate care
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Results of test procedures processed on site are reported to the health care provider the same day during regular business hours. Testing and services available through our Laboratory include:

  • check-mark-1Immunology and Flow Cytometry
  • check-mark-1Reference Lab Testing referrals
  • check-mark-1Chemistry
  • check-mark-1Hematology
  • check-mark-1Histology
  • check-mark-1Serology
  • check-mark-1Microbiology and Virology
  • check-mark-1Molecular Pathology
  • check-mark-1Bone Marrow Biopsy
  • check-mark-1Coagulationy
  • check-mark-1Pathology & Cytology
  • check-mark-1Urinalysis

Download Forms

We have request forms available for diagnostics that list the test panels and individual markers currently available.

A typical blood collection process can take anywhere from 10-15. This includes the time to input your details on our modern software and time to get all equipments ready for the collection. The actual bleeding itself is less than one minute.

Everyone’s needs are different, so have a chat to team about on how you would prefer your results to be given. We offer various methods which includes digital format to postal letter.

We currently take cash, bank transfer, Juice, Myt Money and Bank Cards on our point of sale machine.

You will need to bring a your national identity card or any other approved identification document.

We currently take cash, bank transfer, Juice, Myt Money and Bank Cards on our point of sale machine.

Yes we do, the cheque will have to be cleared before we release your results.

The payment is generally done on the blood collection day itself.

    What do customers think about us?


    “I have used home bleeding services to have my blood test done. I must say that I am delighted with the response from your team. The initial contact from the Facebook page to the followup calls was amazing. Your team came on time for the bleeding despite heavy traffic and all sanitary measures were taken. Results were fast and well displayed. I recommend this service for those who want to watch their own health as much as possible.”

    – Roshan, Retired Senior Auditor

    “First time I come to your laboratory and I must stress on how nice the laboratory is and how welcoming is your staff, I was greeted at the door and welcomed inside. After my blood test I was offered a coffee, the results were precise and my doctor was pleased. Thank you!”

    – Sarah, Business Owner

    “I have called your around 20:30 to inquire about my blood test, and I was please with their quick response. It is rare to find such level of service at an affordable price in Mauritius. I am very pleased by your service and professionalism. Without any doubt, I recommend your laboratory to my peers at work and families. Keep up the good work.”

    – Shaheen, Teacher

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